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Animal Control Specialists Can Help You Solve a Number of Problems

Even though you have spent the entire summer tending your yard, your vegetables, and your flower garden, you do not have the results that you have been hoping for. In spite of your best efforts, however, there are destructive animals who have destroyed much of the work that you have toiled all summer on.

With the help of an animal and rodent removal company, however, you are hoping that all of the problems that you are facing this year will not be a problem again next year. The company that you have hired specializes in the live removal of squirrels in the attic, but they have indicated that they will use their skills to remove the animals that are destroying your gardens as well.

Do You Have Destructive Animals That Are Ruining Your Lawn or Your Garden?
Even if you love all kinds of pets that are in your house, you can easily get frustrated by rodents and destructive animals that cause problems in your yard or your garden. Although these furry creatures can seem adorable from a distance, they can cause a lot of damage if they are not contained. It is important, therefore, to make sure that there you address problems before they get out of hand.

Consider these facts and figures about the many times when home and business owners need to seek professional help for destructive animals:

  • Rodents such as mice and rats consume or contaminate up to 20% of the world’s food supply, according to the National Pest Management Association.
  • Rodents and bugs would destroy 50% of our food supply without the pest control industry, according to estimates by the National Pest Management Association.
  • With rat populations spiking in Washington, D.C., Houston, and New York City in 2017, the magazine The New Republic reported that the country was on the verge of a “Ratpocalypse.”
  • From one side of the country to another, animal nusiance calls relating to rats have risen sharply recently. In Chicago, for instance, rodent-related calls increased by as much as 61%. They increased by 129% in New York City and 174% in San Francisco.
  • The three most rat filled cities in America are, in order of the highest population, are Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C.
  • Thanks to the abundance of hiding places and trash, rats thrive in urban environments.

Too often, when people think about wildlife control they focus on rural areas. There are many times, however, when it is important to make sure that these control measures are also used to protect residential lawns and gardens.

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