A Look at What do I Need to Renovate my House

A house renovation project is a big undertaking for any house owner. But it can also be a no-brainer, especially for owners who like a challenge and see the upside of renovating their house. Not only does a successful house renovation correct any existing house defects and make your house even more beautiful, but it also improves its future resale value.

Make no mistake about it, a well-planned house renovation, if tackled properly, will pay off. Most homeowners who want to carry out renovation start by asking themselves a simple question: ‘What Do I Need to Renovate My House?’ This is a pertinent question that needs to be answered properly and subsequently transformed into a detailed plan.

Unfortunately, many homeowners dive into their renovation project head-on without having clear answers to the question. It often results in badly-botched home renovations that cause more harm than good to a house’s appearance and value. These house owners only realize their primary error of not having a detailed plan after renovation mishaps.

In truth, home renovations can be a complex process because, unlike constructing a new house, you aren’t starting from a blank slate. It is critical that your plan incorporates the existing state of your home and that you find the best possible renovation ideas that suit it. There will also be unforeseen costs and developments as the project goes on, so it is important to have this at the back of your mind and prepare for the twists and turns that the complex process of house renovation holds for you.

Before starting, ask yourself why you are renovating–what parts of your house are you uncomfortable with? Which rooms do you want to convert into more usable spaces? Does your lighting require an update? Your responses will aid you not only in answering the ‘what do I need to renovate my house?’ question but in identifying your true motivation behind the house renovation project.

On average, most house renovation projects revolve around a couple of common remodeling ideas. These common remodeling ideas give house owners hints as to the proper answers to the ‘what do I need to renovate my house?’ question. If you’re a house owner who is still seeking the right answers to the ‘what do I need to renovate my house?’ question, here’s an overview of what you need to consider to accomplish a successful house remodeling project:


No one wants to execute a house renovation project and end up unsatisfied with the house’s functionality. You’ll want to have a renovated home that reflects your functionality and design preferences. It’s best to treat your house renovation as a new build and start from the ground up

To achieve that. Remember that when the house was originally built, the construction process started with laying a foundation. The foundation was done to ensure that everything else that followed was built on a solid base that wouldn’t cave in once the construction process became complex.

Your house renovation should not be any different. Many homeowners make the error of renovating the floor first, not realizing that their floor problems have deeper roots in the building’s foundation. Check for signs that you require foundation repairs before proceeding with the rest of your project.

If your foundation has defects, seek out the services of a foundation repairing company and ensure it is done properly.

Improving your home’s functionality isn’t limited to foundation and landscaping repairs. You might want to contact a heating and air conditioning service to protect the efficiency of your HVAC system and factor in whatever HVAC upgrades that need to be done. All house renovations kick up their fair share of dust, no matter how minor the project. An effective heating and air conditioning service will ensure that layers of debris don’t block your furnace filter. This prevents air-quality decrease and stops your HVAC system from overworking. HVAC upgrades are also unavoidable in house renovations where a few square feet are added to rooms. So you’ll need a heating and air conditioning service to handle all that.

Preparing for a New Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is another mini-project that house owners consider while deciding on answers to the ‘what do I need to renovate my house?’ question. Kitchen remodeling is often at the top of the renovation wish list of homeowners, even though the kitchen is the most expensive room to remodel. A simple kitchen remodel could end up costing $5000 or more.

So before starting, it is advisable to know if a new cabinet is completely necessary.

Installing a new cabinet could take up 30-40% of a kitchen budget. But suppose you’re happy with your old cabinet’s functionality and location, it is advisable to consider painting rather than replacing it. If you still insist on a new cabinet, you’ll have to decide on placement and cabinet design. Different kitchen cabinet designs, such as wood, stainless steel, laminate, and solid surface exist. Wood cabinets are the most popular choice amongst house owners, but you don’t need to opt for them.

Different cabinet placement styles also exist. Open floor plans, in which cabinets are placed in the middle of the kitchen like an island, are most common amongst modern house owners. Still, you could decide to stick with a traditional layout, in which cabinets are placed above or below the kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet designs also encompass door styles. Modern cabinet doors tend to spot streamlined designs without extra ornamentation, unlike traditional doors that often have finishing details like wainscoting or curved posts and include raised panel doors. Ultimately, choosing which kitchen cabinet designs to opt for is up to you.

Bathroom Upgrades

Another major aspect of a house renovation project is the bathroom upgrade. As a homeowner, you’ll need to factor this in when answering the ‘What do I need to renovate my house’ question. Before embarking on a bathroom upgrade project, it is essential to understand that bathroom upgrades demand a lot of time, money, and maybe a few gray hairs. The price for a bathroom upgrade ranges from a few thousand dollars for a retouch of an existing bathroom to six figures for a completely new installation of a high-end master bath. What matters is that you make smart spending decisions, so your bathroom upgrade is worth it.

You might ask: what’s the trick to a satisfactory bathroom upgrade? The trick is to choose an upgrade that reflects your specific lifestyle needs and matches your routine. Maybe you love spending a lot of time in the tub after a hard day’s work–you’ll need to pay attention to your bathtub refinishing and construction so your specific preferences are met. Have you previously been unhappy about the absence of a proper storage location for your shampoo? Then you’ll need a wall niche. Do you dislike having to engage in an elbow war while brushing at the same time with another person? A two-sink system is what you need. These are the questions that need to be answered before drawing up a bathroom renovation plan.

Understanding the shower/tub basics is another critical aspect of bathroom renovation. Whether you opt for a freestanding tub or a shower/tub combo is dependent on how much space your bathroom holds. A freestanding tub offers great resale value but is only perfect for spacy bathrooms; in contrast, shower/tub combos are economical and perfect for small bathrooms.

Shower/tub combos still offer significant satisfaction if designed with creativity. There are a couple of ways to be creative with your standard shower/tub installation. For example, while the choice of a shower enclosure might seem insignificant, you could choose to be creative with it. Different shower enclosure options like curtains and glass doors exist. Curtains are flexible (it’s possible to switch designs whenever you want) and a perfect fit if you have to bathe kids. If you want a spacious feel, opt for a glass door enclosure. You could also choose to go door-less, though you must install waterproof surfaces and a central drain to prevent splashing.

Other bathroom renovation ideas include installing a thermostatic shower valve to control water temperature, fancy handheld showerheads, wallpapers, floating shelves, and mirror cabinets. Smart showers with voice and Wi-Fi controls are a popular feature in luxury bathrooms. Installing non-slip flooring is also a no-brainer to ensure safe stepping.

The Walls

If you’re a house owner with renovation plans, you might be brooding over the question, ‘what do I need to renovate my house?’ A house wall usually appears to be blistering, yellowing, and losing its luster after a while. It is usual for wall degradation to set in after many years of durable service, which greatly affects your house’s aesthetics. So, your house renovation project must include wall renovation plans.

To execute your wall renovation properly, you must inspect the wall’s existing state to know its pH and dampness level. Special humidity instruments can detect wall moisture, while pH can be measured using test papers. Also, check for salt precipitation and film peeling. Ensure that you brush both off using an iron brush and a knife.

At this stage, you should seek the input of professional custom interior painters who will handle the painting and design of your wall. Ensure you bounce off ideas with different custom interior painters before settling on a plan. Have it in mind that the right wall paint, shade, and design can easily transform a living space, which in turn positively affects our emotions and well-being.

House owners asking ‘what do I need to renovate my house?’ and who plan to renovate several rooms in their houses need to factor in a multi room renovation plan. Multi-room renovation is more difficult than single-room renovations such as kitchen remodels because they require a thorough grasp of the entire house’s construction. In addition, you should employ the services of a design building contractor, so you don’t tamper with existing building systems like the electrical and plumbing systems. However, if executed properly, a multi-room renovation improves your house’s functionality, fixes structural flaws, and gives your house a cohesive appearance.

Design Ideas

No home renovation project can be truly satisfactory without a significant upgrade to the interior design. So, if you’re a house owner asking, ‘what do I need to renovate my house?’ you should include an interior design upgrade in your final plan and budget.

Modern interior design offers many home decor ideas through which you can freshen your home’s appearance. Modern homes are bright and airy, and you can achieve that by applying a new coat of paint to give your interiors a fresh and bright appearance. It is advisable that you declutter your rooms of non-essentials and only focus on decor that improves your house’s aesthetic.

Also, invest in statement furniture, smart home devices, and lighting. Finally, use cherished framed photos to add an extra touch to your interiors. Just remember that in modernizing your home, less is always more.

Energy Saving Tips

Due to outdated energy systems, many old homes rack up huge energy utility bills every month. If you’re a house owner with such a house and plan on renovation and are seeking answers as to ‘What do I need to renovate my house?’ create a plan that improves your home’s energy efficiency.

Energy saving tips for such house owners include installing a programmable thermostat, substituting high-energy appliances with energy efficient ones, using LED or CFL bulbs, and improving your attic insulation. In addition, you should engage the services of an inspector to determine ways through which you can improve the energy efficiency of your house.

There is not one completely right way to go about home renovation projects, since the needs of every home are different. Just ensure that you thoroughly plan for the project and seek the input of professionals. By doing that, you can gain great satisfaction when the project is finished.

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