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5 Steps to Remember When Shopping for Furniture

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One of the most enjoyable steps in the entire process of establishing a new home is the process of decorating. Just like placing your ornaments on the Christmas tree, shopping around at furniture stores can be a veritable goldmine for folks who live for accenting their home in foreign, exotic or even early American furniture styles. But before you run off to your local dealers and distributors, it might help to keep these five furniture-buying tips in mind.

Examine the upholstery.

Finding the best furniture really depends on finding particular pieces that will last. When you’re on the hunt, first take a look at the upholstery, or the material that provides the padding, the springs and the covering. If it’s ripped, worn or frayed in any way, you might want to think twice and visit some other new furniture stores to find a better option.

Scope out the finish.

When you’re looking into wood-based furniture, it’s important to go with solid wood over particle wood, which doesn’t last as long. Any cracks or blemishes in the finish are also warning signs that the item might be a lot cheaper than it’s being sold for. Whether it’s just a nightstand or a full-blown kitchen table, ensuring the reliability of the finish is what’s important.

Check for staples in the fabric.

When you’re on the hunt, you’ll likely be visiting plenty of different furniture stores to look at styles. In order to ensure you take home a particular piece that lasts, check for staples in the upholstery, which can often mean that the item doesn’t have a particularly long lifespan. Instead, opt for glued or screwed pieces of furniture, which tend to hold up better with time.

Choose quality over glamour.

You’ll be sleeping on mattress itself, not the headboard, so don’t be swayed by ornate designs and other fanciful patterns on the wood. There are dozens of different types of furniture styles, but you should be interested, first and foremost, in one aspect: how it feels. Find a comfy chair, couch or mattress, then decide if it fits your home’s aesthetic.

Always look into lamps for mood lighting.

A chandelier can be a wonderful selling point for a home, but it won’t help too much when you’re trying to read before bed. It’s always a good idea to invest in long-term lamp lighting in order to accent each room, and the further back your antique lamp hunting interests go, the better. Plenty of furniture stores across the nation specialize in old, beautiful and high-quality lamps, so do a little digging to find them.

Shopping around for furniture can be a bit like antiquing — the more you dig, the more good stuff you’re likely to find. Remember to always visit different furniture stores to get a well-rounded picture of the styles available. And of course, always look into delivery options, too. Happy hunting! More.

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