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5 Great Reasons to Look at New Lighting In and Around Your Home

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Many people around the country are looking to change the way how their houses look from the outside. It has been estimated that at least 64% of people who want to upgrade their homes will do something about their back yard. If you are looking to sell your home, upgrading your landscaping can make a big difference. It has been found that at least 90% of all real estate experts recommend making changes to the landscaping to improve the chances of selling more quickly. This can also end up netting you more for your home when you sell it. There are also a lot to be done with landscape path lighting and other lighting around the outside of your home.

Reasons to Improve Your Outdoor Lighting:

  1. It makes everything look better. You can really do a lot of things to improve how your home looks from the street when you work with a good custom lighting design company. When you work with a good lighting designer, you can show off the best parts of your home such as special architectural features. You can create a whole new look for your house for the nighttime. A great residential lighting designer can help transform the look at feel of your home at night. They can also help you find a good look for your home that is bright, will last a long time and is better for the environment. New LED lights can be used in a plethora of patters and will use less energy that older kinds of lighting.
  2. Your landscape path lighting can be very functional. Many people across the United States make great use of their outdoor spaces. People often use their patios, decks and back yards as extensions of their living space. As such, putting in the right pathway lights can make the area look great and be safer to walk on. Some people neglect to use their outdoor space after dark because they do not think about it but the right lighting can make it much more fun. Sitting under the stars or by your pool can also be a great way to rewind after a rough day at work.
  3. The right outdoor lighting increases your security. Would be criminals will find it harder to hide in your back yard if it is full of bright light. You can increase that security a bit more by including motion sensors in your yard and around the home to deter people from trying to break into your house or steal from your garden. If you want to keep an eye on your pets when you let them into your back yard, landscape path lighting can be a big help.
  4. You can highlight your other landscaping features and decor. More and more people are installing outdoor kitchens, gardens and fountains. Your lighting can make these items stand out and look great in your space. You can really create just about any look and feel you want with the right lighting and furniture. This can really turn your outdoor space into the ideal environment to hosts parties and gatherings for your friends and family.
  5. You can change your outdoor landscape path lighting to change with the season. No matter what time of the year it is, you can swap out your lighting for a new look. You can get outdoor lighting that creates a moving tableau on the front or back of your house and on your garage. Depending on your home and your preferences, you can get different lighting for the winter holidays, fun events over the summer (Independence Day, for example) and fun lighting themes for the spring and fall.

The very first thing people see when they walk by or visit your home is its exterior. This is one of the reason that realtors are so eager to get would be home sellers to work on their landscaping. When you look at your options for landscaping, think about all of your options with different kinds of lighting. More and more people are finding getting a new look for their home is just a simple lighting change away.

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