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4 Smart Tips for First Time Pool Owners

It’s the dream of many homeowners to have their own pool. Once you have a pool built into your yard, you’re going to need to take proper care of it. Considering that, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed regarding how to take care of your pool. However, following a few important tips will help ensure your pool is easy to keep maintained. With that in mind, here are four important tips for first time pool owners to remember.

  1. Contact Pool Screen Contractors Before Winter Arrives

    As the weather changes, this determines when to have your pool open or closed. It’s generally recommended to have your pool open in May through September or October. Depending on the climate you live in, feel free to adjust these times by a few weeks to a month. As the weather gets cold, you’ll want to place a screen over your pool. Many homeowners contact pool screen contractors in order to have this type of work completed. Pool screen contractors are especially great to contact if you have a custom made pool. In turn, you’ll have a pool screen that is custom made to fit perfectly.
  2. Regularly Monitor Water Levels

    Another important aspect of owning a pool is keeping water at the right level. Fortunately, this is easier to do than you might think. In order to check your pool’s water levels, look into the skimmer. This device is located near the pump of your pool. If possible, it’s best that the water in your skimmer lies between the mid and top point. If the water levels are above this, your pool is likely to overflow. This can wreak havoc on your yard, especially if it’s one that’s regularly landscaped. On the other hand, pool skimmers that are too low could cause the motor of this object to burn out.
  3. Keep an Eye on Your Pool’s Liner

    Statistics show that the average pool liner can last anywhere from five to 12 years. Considering that, this time might go by faster than you think. There are many signs that your pool liner might need to be replaced. In most cases, a simple visual inspection should tell everything. Sometimes, pool liners will begin eroding from the bottom. You’ll typically notice this while stepping into the shallow end of your pool. If you’re not stepping on a smooth surface, it’s time to replace your liner.
  4. Consider Placing a Fence Around Your Pool

    It’s tough for anyone to resist taking a dip in the pool. That being said, many homeowners share this space with their children and small pets. Therefore, it’s wise to consider placing a fence around the pool in your yard. Experts recommend having a pool fence that’s at least five feet high, completely enclosing the pool. In addition, having a self latching gate prevents anyone from tampering with this area.

In closing, it’s important for first time pool owners to follow a few important tips. In turn, you won’t have to deal with mistakes that many new pool owners make. There are many beneficial reasons to own a pool. Certain individuals purchase a pool solely to have an amazingly beneficial way to exercise. In fact, swimming is an incredibly great form of exercise. This is because water has a resistance which is ten times stronger than air. After a bit of regular maintenance, you’ll be ready to enjoy your pool throughout each warm and sunny day.

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