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4 No-Brainer Tips to Get the Most of Your Landscape Lighting

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You’ve invested heavily on landscaping to make your home a relaxing retreat. So, why let that magical beauty disappear when the night falls? With a flick of the switch, you can illuminate your trees and plantings to create a dazzling display. Landscape lighting makes the best of what you have by highlighting the main landscaping and architectural features of your home.

The Target Features
Before installing landscape lighting, it’s quite pertinent to decide on the most important features of your home that need illumination. Some of the features that you would want to consider include the garden, trees, arbor, fountain, patio, and the backyard as a whole. On your house itself, consider placing focus on the deep eaves, dormers, walls, and any porch columns.

Lighting Design
The design you choose for your lighting determines the flow and consistency of the beauty it lends to your property. Put attention on the architectural features of your house with upward-facing bullets that feature directional lights. The standout trees design is ideal for illuminating those beautiful trees in your home while fixtures that are taller than the landscape planting help you to create a glowing garden.

Consider LED Lighting
Make your outdoor lighting more efficient by opting for LED light sources. This is because they use less energy wattage compared to halogen bulbs, thus making them energy efficient. They also boast optimum durability, saving you the costs for making regular replacements. Moreover, LEDs give your landscape lighting a warm feeling that lends a laid-back ambiance. Keep in mind that these lights cost more than other options up front, though you may save in the long run.

Layered Lighting
If you want to add beauty, emotion, or drama to your lighting, then you may want to consider layered lighting. Typically, this allows you to set the mood for different occasions. This can be attained by placing different lights on different circuits. For example, you can choose to have your deck lighting and pathway lighting on different circuits and use dimmers and controls to alter the light settings as needed.

When done right, landscape lighting can considerably improve the value and look of your home. Money Magazine recently stated that landscaping can effect a recovery value of 100% to 200% when selling a property. It’s essential to enlist the services of a professional to ensure that the whole project is executed correctly.

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