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3 Things that make walk in tubs today really amazing

Walk in tubs

Walk in bath tub is a type of accessible bathtub. Walk in tubs are for people with physical disability or limited mobility. Walk in tubs have inward or outward door that seals itself, creating a tub. The walk in bathtub also generally comes with a seat with a height of a typical chair. Aside from these basic features, walk in tubs have come a long way, developments in design and technology have made them not just for those with physical limitations but can now be enjoyed by others in the family. If you are looking for a really good walk in tub, here are three things that make walk in tubs really amazing.

First, most walk in tubs today comes with hydrotherapy and whirlpool features. These features can be enjoyed by anyone, not just those who have disability. Of course these features are good for those with physical disability or mobility problems because they offer the right massage and relaxation therapy that is best for their condition. Hydrotherapy is a good therapy for people with disability. Compared with land based physiotherapy, hydrotherapy allows for a pain free therapy. The use of water and the right temperature offers the right exercise for them. For those with other physical limitations and difficulties, such as sensory difficulties, hydrotherapy offers them a way to relax and feel calm. And for everybody, with or without physical problems, hydrotherapy offers relief from muscle pain. It also strengthens muscles and joints, improves circulation, develops balance and coordination and improves reflexes. All these are offered by walk in tubs with hydrotherapy and whirlpool features.

Second, walk in bath tubs come in different sizes. Some tubs are as large or larger than a traditional tub. Then there are those that are really space saver. Depending on what you need you can find the right size of tub for your bathroom. The good thing about having different sizes of walk in tubs is that for homes that have very limited space, especially when it comes to the bathroom, they can find a tub that would fit just right in their bathroom. Moreover, the sizes vary depending on what you need. Some are deep, some are deep and wide and other sizes, depending on the manufacturer.

Third, the latest models of walk in tubs today offer safer access and features. This is very important because according to studies, one of the leading causes of injuries in elder adults is falls. Falls happen mostly in the bathroom. With the walk in tubs today, falls can be avoided because it offers safety features that were not available in the older models. New materials are used to prevent slipping. Most of the tubs are also designed to prevent accidents. Examples of these are wider openings, the door opens out, flat landing surface and not on curves, no need to bend to take a bath or shower and other safety features.

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