Metal Roofing and You — What You Stand to Gain by Installing a Metal Roof


local metal roofing suppliersWorking with local metal roofing suppliers is usually fairly easy. While a contractor may be doing the actual roofing, the company he or she gets their materials and parts from are a big part of the process too.

Roof inspections are most effective when performed twice a year, but you stand to benefit from one even if it’s been awhile since one’s been done, or if you’re having your roof inspected for the first time.

You should always have your roof inspected if you suspect it is malfunctioning in any way, though you can perform many of the same pricing and budgeting calculations if all you require is an estimate. It’s easy to do, once you get the hang of it.

If your home is between 2,200- and 2,600-square feet, your roof will cost between $1,000 and $4,000 to replace. Your contractors may charge more or less depending on whether or not your home requires extra attention or not. A roof supply company will typically calculate their going rates on a per-home basis by looking at pieces of your roof that are known as “squares.”

These squares are 10-by-10 foot patches of roof, meaning that the average home (we’re still using the 2200-2600 square foot home example from above) would have between 22 and 26 squares to replace. Contractors typically charge “by the square,” and even though they work on these one at a time (usually), it isn’t practical for them to only do part of the job at a time and have to come back to finish later. You wouldn’t want half wooden materials and half metal roofing materials anyway!

It’s worth the initial setup and installation costs, though. Experts agree that metal roof sheets are extraordinarily durable compared to their wooden counterparts, and can typically go 30 years between maintenance periods. A wooden roof is most effective when it is inspected frequently — a metal roof won’t need any at all.

If you’re still on the fence, feel free to share your concerns. A new metal roof provides a world of benefits, and it’s time you started hearing about them from your trusted local metal roofing suppliers.


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